About Us

Salt Media & Entertainment brings together positive-values content and strict investment discipline to make film investment profitable and accessible to investors.

Our Unique Approach

Merging the best of East & West to create inspirational content for global audiences

Our Core Competencies

Applying financial prudence and risk management expertise to the media industry

Our Focus
Inspirational Content for the World

Salt Media & Entertainment makes inspirational media content that resonates deeply with people all over the world. We focus on universal themes such as honour, courage, hope, humanity and family.

Our Values
Honour, Humility & Hard Work

Our ambition is to exercise these same values of honour, humility and hard work in the way we do business, and in the way we relate with talent. We believe these values set us apart and give us a competitive edge in the industry.

Our Approach
Collaboration & Acceleration

As a young company with big dreams, we punch above our weight by co-producing with global partners, and by merging the best of capital and creative expertise from East and West.

With a proven ability to undertake global projects for worldwide distribution, we get a kick out of making good things happen, and shortening the runway for projects through an accelerated process.

Our Goal
Creative Disruption

With a robust pipeline of international projects under our belt, a strict philosophy of financial prudence, and a solid track record of profitable projects, we are on our way to becoming a nimble player in the global media space.